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First Grade Art's Festival

5/13/24 First Grade participated in an Arts Festival put on by the teachers and several community members. The PHS Jazz Band came and played, too!
Thank you to: Brian white (martial arts), Nancy Maxey (quilting), Angelina (dance), Leah Mitchell (sing and dance), Felicia Pollard (yoga), Lacey Keen and Kayla Cummings (gardening), and Rebecca Roberson (photography).

Mrs. Homan's Class

5/13/24 Mrs. Homan’s class had a Glow Day for our Countdown to Summer activity. They had fun working together with team building activities.

Show and Tell

5/06/24 S is for show and tell on the Second Grade Countdown!

Principal for the Day

5/06/24 Miss Natalie Montalvo was Principal of the Day. She helped find students being respectful, responsible, and ready. She delivered food bags and helped students with their work. Thank you, Miss Montalvo, for your help!

Principal for the Day

5/06/24 Neveah Blanch was Principal of the Day. She helped observe in classrooms, delivered food bags, and helped students with the work. Thank you for your hard work, Miss Blanch!

Principal for the Day

5/06/24 Myla Cornejo was Principal of the Day. She met Miss Pontotoc Volunteer, Gabby Bell, observed in classrooms, and found items that needed to be fixed on the playground. Thank you for your help, Miss Cornejo!

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