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Mrs. Nichols' Second Grade Class

(9/25) Mrs. Nichols' class has enjoyed using their new dry erase desks to practice math. They have been learning different ways to represent numbers.

Mrs. Maurie's Kindergarten Class

(9/25) Mrs. Maurie and Ms. Reagan’s class learned about the letter P this week. They celebrated with Pepsi and Popcorn!

Language Service Plans

(9/25) Mrs. Gaby went over Language Service Plans, and Dr. Horton explained the Teacher Growth Rubric during PLCs this week at PES.

Ms. Warren's Class

(9/25) Miss Warren's class really enjoy their new desks! Today they used them to practice fact fluency.

Ms. Stephanie's First Grade Class

(9/25) In Ms. Stephanie's class, the students will rolled dice and wrote a number on each line. They drew greater than, less than, or equal to alligator in the circle.

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